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Hi all,

I've been trawling through the welfare requirements and can't find anywhere that stipulates the legal requirement for recommended room temperature for the baby room in a nursery.

I found on page 35 of the EYFS Statutory guidance -


Rooms should be maintained at a temperature which ensures the comfort of the children and staff, including non-mobile children.


And through google found



Areas where there is a lower than normal level of physical activity because of sickness or physical disability including sick rooms and isolation rooms but not other sleeping accommodation 21°C

Areas where there is the normal level of physical activity associated with teaching, private study or examinations 18°C

Areas where there is a higher than normal level of physical activity (for example arising out of physical education) and washrooms, sleeping accommodation and circulation spaces. 15°C



Does anyone have a better link than this? I know at 18 our rooms can feel chilly, but our children are active and in and out of the garden all day and not babies therefore not moving about much.

Thanks in anticipation,

Sam :o

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I'm sure according to Health and Safety Guidance it has to be 16 or above.


Refer to the HSE website as that might shed some light!



Yep, did that, that's where the 16 came from. I just find it incredible that there isn't a law that states what temperature a baby room should be at, leaving some money pinching nursery owners to refuse to allow their baby rooms any warmer!

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I knoe, it does seem ironic, but conversely if you think about the ideal of free flow play indoor and outdoors there clearly are no guidelines for outdoor temps, thus would seem strange to have min temps or indoor play.


Semms we must all just layer up!!

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