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Books To Support Single Parent Family (dad)


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Hi there, i have 2 children that i currently mind. They have not had any contact with their mum for 2 years (one child is 2 and the other is 3 and a half). The Mum has just come on the scene again and i would like to be able to support the children and the dad with this situation. The youngest child calls me Mummy (I remind her of my name) and since seeing their mother for the first time this weekend the older child has started to call me mummy. I can understand how confused the children must be as my daughter calls me mummy. I would like to share some books with the children to help them understand their situation a)living with daddy b)meeting mum and getting to know her. Do any of you fabulous guys have ideas of books that i could use? I am also thinking of doing a storybook of their own (along the lines of a social story), thanks

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I racked my brain and couldn't think of any but did a bit of a search...sadly many are for older children but here are a few links....hope you find something useful;


Books - one-parent families


Dinosaurs Divorce: A Guide for Changing Families There are other book recommendations on this page too


Found this lot listed which you might want to investigate;

Love is a family -- Roma Downey

All families are special -- Norma Simon

Who's in a family -- Robert Skutch

The family book -- Todd Parr

All families are different -- Sol Gordon

It's OK to be different -- Todd Parr

All kinds of families -- Mary Ann Hoberman

Families -- Susan Kuklin

Do I have a Daddy? -- Jeanne Warren Lindsay


Hope something form the above helps :o

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