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Hi everyone,

I'm planning an art day for the Summer term at my school and I need to come up with a really good name but the creative side of my brain seems to have given up.

Each class is going to choose a different artist and learn about the artist and create work in their style. These will (hopefully!) be sold to parents to raise funds. Also we are going to cover the gym in paper and provide drawing materials then send the children in with shoes and socks off and let them do whatever they like!

For the name of the day I'm thinking maybe something that rhymes and I'm going for a 'we're all artists' feeling to the day, so that could come into it but doesn't necessarily have to.

So, you wonderful people... Any ideas??

(Thank you all in anticipation of all the amazing ideas you're going to come up with :o )

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I should have mentioned that we are an SEN school so need to keep it simple. I've asked all the classes to come up with a few ideas and then the school council are going to decide on a name. Some of your ideas will be going into the hat! Thank you!!! :)


Inge, I love that site, it's fab. I got few of my ideas for the art day from there x

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