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Ideas For Large/expensive Items!

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My pre-school has started meeting up with a couple of other pre-schools in the area to network, share best practice etc. Early days yet but seems to be going well. Anyway someone had the idea of doing a joint fundraising event to raise money for some large item or resource which we could all take turns to share, but wouldn't be able to afford on our own. I'm supposed to come up with a 'wish list' but I'm struggling for ideas - so used to trying not to spend money I suppose! (I have to stress no money has been raised yet so it's all hypothetical at the moment anyway!)


Any bright ideas out there?

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It is a good idea to think about what you'd like to raise money for - in my experience parents are much more willing to part with their hard earned if they know what the money is going to provide. However, without knowing very much about your setting, it is hard to know where to start.


I'd always go for Community Playthings blocks - both hollow blocks and unit blocks as a priority if you don't already have them.


I had my eye on a lovely CP role play trolley which has two 'arms' that form an archway over which you can drape fabrics to make a den, and also their lovely craft trolley which could hold just about everything you could want to support children's artistic creativity.


I'd be thinking about whether expensive items provide enough scope to be used in a variety of contexts in your setting, and by different groups of children or individuals for different reasons. I've been to many a setting and admired some lovely resource or other (for example the most beautiful story telling seat in an outside area) and when I've enthused about it, practitioners have said "yes it looks lovely but we don't really use it that much".


If it were me, I think I'd do a bit of surfing and then ask for catalogues from some high quality suppliers who specialise in resources which are open ended. Then get your scissors and glue out and make a nice 'wish list' collage!


Happy window shopping!

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Thank you. :o


I'm thinking ICT type things too, like i-pads but more robust. I also would love an incubator, and this would be good to share around 4 settings - would love to hatch eggs with the children! We did caterpillars last year which was fantastic and the children got so much out of it.


We have blocks already but I like the idea of the role-play trolley...off to do a search now!!

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need to also think about transport, storage and insurance of these occasional items... what would happen if one setting broke an item or lost a part which was crucial to the use of the item.


Only ask as we had a toy library where if we lost a part they did not worry but sourced the replacement - breakages were not an issue either but could have been.

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we have just taken delivery of this and love it! The photo on the website doesn't show it in use which it does in the catalog. We can see so many possiblies for its use. Unfortunately it only comes with red covers but will be easy to make more and the top ridges can have fabric weaving in. It's going to be a jungle next week!

role play tent frame

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