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Hi, like many, I was fortunate to get a KIndle for Christmas and I'm loving it.


I've downloaded loads and I've read 5 Christmassy novels already. However, I'm one of those folk who rarely read novels twice, and I'm wondering if there's any way I can shift the 5 off the kindle and onto the laptop, just in case I want them again, rather than deleting them. I don't particularly want them cluttering up the Kindle if I'm not going to look at them again.

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Someone with more knowledge may well be along soon but as an interim solution you could create a folder and call it 'Read stuff' or the like and move them into there.


I have a folder for new stuff/yet to read and then once I have I put in folder either by genre or author....Makes it a bit tidier :o

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download the kindle for PC and then you can transfer them to that...


or I also have calibre installed which also stores the books but also allows you to convert them to kindle, doesn't always work but I have a few books i downloaded for free and converted successfully.


also allows you to find the cheapest place to buy from

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This made me check mine and you can just download them from archived material onto your PC once bought or sent to Kindle..


Those from Amazon anyway...


I have a lot of converted books my sister sent me so I have to transfer those there, but as she emailed them it was easy.

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