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I am struggling a bit with our plans, I’m not sure they are meaningful. What I wondered is what you all include on your plan daily/weekly?

I thought of reducing what we write and instead have a plan for the key times and focused activities along with making a continuous provision book. However do you think we need to write what we have out each day as proof or not?

I wondered whether to have more emphasis on the focused activities on offer each week which each staff member can deliver. Along with this each keyworker naturally provides daily for children's needs. With so many children in at different times it can be hard to manage so as long as key workers are developing interests should we be making more work for ourselves writing everything down for Ofsted?

I keep going round in circle so would be grateful for any input.

Thanks Skippy

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I always start with the keyworker planned activities,letters and sounds focus group activities and finish by filling in any gaps with continuous provision play based on a weekly area of learning . So, for example, the column on my plans under the heading role play area for a week where the focus is psrn might look a bit like this:

monday - matching washing with sock pairs (psrn)

tuesday - making silly soup (letters and sounds)

wednesday - having a tea party (planned for a child with interest in home corner)

thursday - laying the table for a numbered group of children (psrn)

friday - making invites for a party (for a child with an interest in writing)

We have between 8 and 13 key children each (depending on how many hours we do a week) we plan between 3 and 4 key child activities each week for each member of staff so each child has an individual activity planned for them every 2/3 weeks and this allows for us to quickly change their plans as they change interests. I pick an area of learning every week and these are then rotated every week. Each member of staff has 2 letters and sounds or focus area of learning activities to do each week. All other areas on my plans are left blank for staff/children to choose what to do.

Not sure if this helps or makes it sound more complicated than it is, it is just a cse of trying what works for you and reviewing/adapting constantly

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Your planning should be for you, not for Ofsted.



I think that they are actually far more interested in how you evaluate anyway! :o


My plans are very basic and apt to change with the children's interests.......often what actually happens has nothing to do with my plans.......however, I do evaluate and plan next steps from those evaluations.....

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