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i wonder if you could help, this is more a question from my sister who works in a nursery. she works fulltime and last week all staff were called to a meeting to say that they needed to make redundancies. Apparantly all seniors are safe, but they either need four fulltime staff to work part time (2.5 days each) or two fulltime staff to be made redundant.

At the meeting four staff said they would work part time (one of these being my sister), but the owner said they had till the end of december to make their final decision. My sister has been thinking about it and she can't afford to go partime so she probably will have to withdraw and say she can't do it (several other full time staff said they couldn't do it too). does this mean that all staff should go into the redundancy pot (ie fulltime and part time) with the exception of seniors, or will it only be fulltime staff?, or does it just depend on the needs of the nursery?

they have been told that redundancy looks at length of service, performance etc... there have been newer staff in the nursery after my sister.... i have told my sister there is a possibility that she may be made redundant, but if she can't afford part time then she should say so and not feel made to do it (as she is being now - because she feels she should let the fulltimers with commitments (rent, children etc) have the fulltime position!). one member of staff has warnings on her file, recent one's, and does not work well, another staff member is very new and from poland and has told the owner if she is made redundant she will have to go back to poland and that would not be good 9sounds like a ghuilt trip perhaps??????)


does any one know what legal processes the nursery should follow, and what information they should give their staff. My sister has just joined a union so hopefuylly she will get some advice there too, but thought i would ask here.





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She should ring ACAS straight away 08457 474747 They will be the best people to advise her on the legal aspects etc. There are times, I believe, when it's important to think about yourself. She needn't feel that those who have other commitments, like family, are more entitled to the job than she is. Hopefully the process will take into account length of service and performance etc as you say.

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There are very strict guidelines employers must follow regarding redundancy. Depending on how many staff they employ, hours worked and various other factors there is a due process to follow, one of which is a period of 'consultancy' (all of which should be documented) Do get her to ring ACAS as they will advise best the course of action that her employers should be following

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