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Some years ago I worked in a school which had a 'secret friends' ... activity/scheme (not sure what to call it!). It worked like this ... all staff put their names (in an envelope) into a hat and then each took an envelope and kept their colleague's name secret. Over the year they would do 'nice' things for their secret friend e.g. a box of chocolates, a bottle of wine or just a little card to say 'something nice'; they might bake them a cake, or bring them produce from the garden - anything that would be appreciated or make their secret friend smile! This would not be 'openly' given but labelled and placed somewhere the 'friend' would find it. :o At Christmas, the identity of the person was revealed! I remember, one member of staff put a chicken and prepared vegetables in the fridge - ready for him to put in the oven when he got home; he so often couldn't be bothered to cook and lived on ready meals! :(

The school I worked in was a large primary school and it worked really well - does anyone do this in a smaller nursery/pre-school setting and, if so, does it work well? Good idea or not? xD

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