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Different Fee Rates For Different Ages Of Children


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Can I ask all of you out there if you charge a different hourly/sessional rate depending on the child's age?


We currently take children from 21/2 but are considering opening sessions to two year olds. We are registered for two year olds already but being a one room pack away setting have never taken them in before.


Current hourly fees are £3.25/hour.





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Up until now I've charged the same rate for 2 y/o and extra hours for funded 3 & 4 y/o children (£4 per hour). From January fees are going up (1st increase in nearly 2 years hence the hike) to £5 per hour for 2 y/o and £4.50 for 3 & 4 y/o.

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No we don't either. But it is something we have thought about and are mindful of when setting our budget.

Just think parents/carers are struggling as it is so really would only be as a last resort.

Oops sorry don't know what happened there can some one please kindly delete my duplicate reply.

Thank you.

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