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Use Of Ict In Reception


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Hi everyone,

I start my first teaching block on Monday in a reception class. I am just doing my planning and one area says cross curricular links. Now I am planning on supporting the children to write a caption for the photographs that we took the day before of the garage role play area. Such as book in here or general labels, petrol. When they have finished I am planning on laminating them with the children so that they can go outside in the role play area and stay up. My thought was is the use of a laminator classed as ICT or am I really clutcing at straws?

I am relating it to point 7 on the profile: Finds out about and identifies use of everyday technology.


Oh and health and safety aspects. I will only plug it in whn I am ready to use and I will talk to the children about the dangers of plug sockets etc. When it is ready to use I will guide the childrens hand when feeding through. Do you think this will be ok?

I wouldlove to hear your thoughts.

Trasong :o

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Mr Preschoolers use the laminator and the copier and things. As long as it's supervised and you've risk assessed I can't see any bother with it. Yes, it's ICT. On a training I went on I was told that basically anything that contains a microchip or electronic circuit in some way can be classed under ICT. So noisy books, things with buttons to press that make movement or noise, radios, CD player, telephones, walkie-talkies ..........

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Really? Wow I though it was only technology that supported information and communication... So is it actually anything involving information, communication AND technology? So would my rechargable torches at after school club count then???


ETA the Cambridge dictionary definition of ICT

abbreviation for information and communication technology: a school subject in which students learn to use computers and other electronic equipment to store and send information


Does this mean that we, in early years, can now make up definitions as well as words to suit our needs? :D I'm thinking 'numeracy'...

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Explore things with interest and sometimes press parts or lift flaps to achieve effects such as sounds, movements or new images

Show interest in toys with buttons and flaps and simple mechanisms and begin to learn to operate them


These are the two 'lead ins' to the ICT section of the EYFS.


I was taught way back when, that it'd anything that needs power to operate a mechanism - I think torches may be pushing it a little - depending on your age group, but if that's all you are getting, well it's a start! I suppose it depends on what resources you have available.

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No we have computer, laptop, beebot, remote control things, CD player, role play phones and keyboards... I meant with the torches perhaps the knowledge that they need recharging - they watch the indicator lights in ASC and comment on how they have full charge or not.

I've just taken a step backwards in a way and bought talking tubes which are like a hardwearing version of hte old cup and string telephones we made as kids :D

Not ICT at all but excellent for working out how things work!

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