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Having a bit of a whinge here. Thought I had done some really good 'Fireworks' planning for my three 2-3 year olds. One of them quite anxious and I wanted to prepare him slowly for all the noise on Saturday.


Turned on the Festive lights (they stay on until New Year now) and we all enjoyed that. We talked about the nights getting longer and it being darker outside so that's why we have lights. Lit some candles to expand on that. Then we looked at some fireworks demonstrations on Youtube - two of them loved it - one of them had a melt-down so we stopped that. Did some more candles and craft with glitter and glue on dark paper. Then I wanted to do some sparklers so we talked through how we would stay safe and that we had to be REALLY sensible - Anxty One looked worried so we talked about it not being noisy and he could look through the window and come out if he changed his mind. He didn't come out but appeared to be quite alright with it - interested in what we were doing.


Really thought I'd made some progress - expanded his horizons and sensitivity. Not so apparently. Parents report him waking in the night 'scared of the fireworks' and not wanting to come back (handed over fine today though). Anyway parents are a bit 'Please don't do that again'.


Gutted I am. How do bigger settings cope with all the sensibilities of dozens of littlies?


Off to change my Rant Pants.



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sorry can't help with your dilemma but would really really REALLY like some of those pants. Mine would need to be unsensible ones please and have a label actually sized two sizes below what I am. Could be a business opportunity here

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Please put me down for a couple of pairs please!


And in answer to your question; smile sweetly, take a deep breath and count to ten; then send out for chocolate!!!

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Oh Honey I think it sounds like you did a fab job of gently explaining things....as others have said, can't please em all.


Good job he doesn't live here in Lewes.....bonfire capital of the south....mortar goes of at 6am on the 5th to call all the bonfire boys to work and bangers start shortly after and then massive parades around town followed by 6 different fire sites all with their own massive firework displays and then midnight prayers which is an excuse to use up all left over firecrackers and bangers and noise in the town normally subsides about 3am....it is great :o


A little taster for you;


Images of Lewes Bonfire night


You tube footage This person must have been about 20 yards further down the street watching from where I was stood on Saturday night....gives you a taste xD

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Slightly jealous Sue, fireworks have to be one of my favourite things in the world and Bonfire Night is definitely my favourite festival/celebration.


Honey it sounds like you did your best, as others have said you can't please all of the people all of the time and it sounds like the other children had a great time! Comfort yourself with the knowledge that with bonfire night drawing nearer he was probably in a state of high anxiety anyway and would have had the nightmares even if you hadn't done anything. I'd be interested to know how he did cope on Saturday? What did his parents do with him?

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