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Getting Validated For Nursery Funding


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We only opened in September and want to get validated so we can get nursery education funding. However, at the moment we are only

open for 3 hours on monday, wednesday and friday as we only have children on those days.


We have been told we can't get validated until we are open for 15hrs a week.


Any advice on what we can do to make up the 15 hours in the bedt way to save money, as we are already running at a loss when open for 9hrs.



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I haven't really got much advice to give except to say I think most new business will run at a loss for the first few months or certainly not expect to make any money.


Possibly you may just have to bite the bullet and open for the extra hours even if it means not covering your costs. Sorry without knowing your setup it is difficult to advise or give ideas.

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