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We have a child just joined out setting who is showing signs of ASD, they have very little language and the Language which they have is very repetative. I would like to make a information booklet for all the parents with ideas on how to help their child develop language at home as a few parents have asked me for this information in the past.

If anyone has a information booklet which I can use I would be a very happy girl

I would also like to ask your advice on how you would apporach the parents about the child who I have concerns about, they have only been at the setting for a week but they are due to start main stream school in January 2012.


thank you in Advance




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I am a teacher in charge in a special support centre ofr children with speech and language needs. I would say that one of the key things to put forward is the development of vocabulary wit children. Ther are sosem frightening statistices of reception aged children's long term prospets and success in life being determined by their lack of vocab.


Victoria Joffe a therapist has some good info on this.


One of the most important aspects of children's vocab is enabling them to understand that they will hear the same word in differern contexts eg cat. A cat is a pet, a wild animal and you can hear the expresion raining cats and dogs. Teaching children that language is used in fun ways is sooooooo important. As is recasting language. This is where an adult repeats a new word to a child as many times as is possible in as many sentences as possible eg cat. Oh you have a cat. I have a cat at home too. My cat is a friendly animal. My cat is black. What colour is your cat? I also have a white cat etc. This may sound contrived, but actually it is easy to do and necessary. There is more on this if you google recasting. There is in fact a powerpoint presentation that is meant for use by practioners on A website of an Australian Therapist Sandra Bowen. This may explain things better than I can.

Hope some of this helps.

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Echo that Susan


I have just received a booklet from the communications trust hello campaign called Small Talk How children learn to talk from birth to age 5 which can be ordered free of charge. If you register they send you updates in a newsletter.

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