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:) I would just like to say a big thank you to everyone here at the forum, for all your help and advise you have given me over the last few months.


Ofsted turned up out of the blue on Tuesday for the full session (While I was away on a course!) and then came back on Thursday again for the full session (well the session finished at 1pm but she was with me until 4pm).


I had been informed by a local Kindergarten that this lady was an 'Old battle axe' so when I heard her name on my answer phone I didn't sleep Tuesday or Wednesday night.


She turned out to be lovely, The Nursery opened in September, I was brought in during January as the Supervisor hadn't done any paperwork for the first term. I started doing all the paper work and planning as one by one my staff started handing in their notice and leaving.


Ofsted thought what I had achieved in the 5 months and the plans that I had for the Nursery were great. She informed me that 'Rome wasn't built in a day'


Anyway the outcome result was a 'Good'.


This site has helped me heaps with topics and formats, and by just reading other peoples discussions. I feel that I haven't really contributed much to the forum but, watch this space!!!


Once again a big THANK YOU

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Congratulations Karen, and thanks for letting us know how it went!


Ofsted get lots of bad press collectively, but we get loads of people saying how the individuals are excellent people, so it's good to hear your battle axe also turned out well...


Hope you get a good night's sleep tonight, and have a great relaxed weekend. :D

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Dear Kap,

Well done - I bet you are relieved that all your hard work has produced this result, just think what another five months could do - an excellent outstanding. I have been through 4 Ofsted inspections and each time the inspectors have been great. I think the trick is to acknowledge and share with them what you know you do well, but also be realistic about what you feel could be improved and how you might go about this. As she said Rome wasn't built in a day and there are always things, well in my group there are, that could be done better - but sometimes its good to just relax, enjoy the children and not have to worry about how many observations we have carried out, did everything go to plan, if it didn't when will I get around to writing it up and reflecting on it. Presumably she inspected against the new guidelines, was there anything she particularly looked at or anything you feel you could share with us which might help us here. Well done


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Thank you everyone, I slept like a log but, I'm sure the bottle of wine helped. Below are the answers to some of your questions.


The inspection was a full inspection under the new guidelines lasting two full days.


Her recommendations were


1. Have drinking water available so the children can pour it themselves when they want, instead of having to ask us.

At present we have it available in jugs on the side out of reach and we ask the children or the children ask us when they want a drink, although we do have snack time mid morning with water being served then.


2. to mention on our register the times in and out of children and staff.


3. more feed back to parents for granted children. Maybe have open afternoons or evenings a couple of times a year so they can see their childs folder, the observations that have been made about their child and also to be given a chance to contribute to planning.


4. Staffing to always meet and support special needs.

I have just gone onto action plus with one of our children and she felt that on Tuesday his needs weren't always met. I tried to explain that we were a staff member down as she saw due to me being on a course and as she observed and commented during Thursdays session all his needs were met then. But she informed me that she has to comment on what she sees over the two days of inspection.


5. To encourage more spontanious counting again she thought it was lacking on Tuesday.


6. Children to be encouraged to do more writing during their play. Always have paper and pens of all sorts available. We do have it available in the role play area and for thr first half of the session in the craft area for colouring and drawing but, she would like to see an area set up with it available all during the session.

Yesterday I took away one of the computers and now we have an area. Simple as that.


7. Obs., and Ass., not consistante to plan individuals progress towards the ELG.

This I knew was my weakness area.


She would not leave me on Thursday until she felt that she had convinced me that it was a very positive inspection and I should be pleased with myself. She also huged me and said 'she was happy to of met me and to keep up the good work'. How nice is that!.

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OOps nearly forgot, just a little question, you mention she left a phone message, Where you contacted before Inspection?



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Hi Peggy,


It was one of my staff who left me the message on my answer phone and left the ofsted inspectors name. But, they do not contact you in advance anymore, everything has changed since April 1st, now they can turn up at anytime if you are due an inspection. Unless you are a school, my headteacher informed me they get 48 hours notice.


I was informed by the ofsted lady on Thursday that I will wait 3 years until my next ofsted inspection.

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Congratulations from me too!

We had our inspection 18 months ago and had a similar comment re writing materials.

We addressed this by making a portable writing area - basically a nice crate with a lid and a tray inside for pens, crayons, rubbers, fluffy topped pens, paperclips etc. Underneath in the crate I put envelopes, cards, post-its, dot-to-dot books, coloured paper, notepads (various & colourful) clipboards, party invitation type pads, sellotape, wrapping paper, colouring books (not everyone's favourite but some children are comfortable & familiar with them), pencil case, pencil tin, etc.........

The children can take it off where they want it, add it to their role play, take it outside etc. and it has been very popular. can recommend it strongly!

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