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I wanted to put together a welcome booklet so if I had any more children start with me then I have a little something for the child to take home about my setting as well as the parents.


Has anyone else done this? If so what did you include?


Adele xx

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Guest cathy m

I call mine a parent information pack and it's probably about 50 A4 pages, it includes info about my ethos, policies, copies of all consent forms, individual needs of the child copy of contract etc etc



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What a lovely idea - I take it you're a childminder since you posted in the Childminders forum. :o


When my youngest girls started Primary school they were given a booklet which had been made by the school children. The information was written in a very child friendly way about what equipment and uniform they would need, what happened at break and lunch times, activities that they would do, who the staff were etc. Mostly it was made up of drawings but you could include photos of your setting too. Perhaps there could be some bits for the child to fill out with the parent - what I'm looking forward to most, special toys I might want to take with me?

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Thank you ladies, thats just what I was thinking of Carol.


I will try and put something together over the next few weeks (once my displays are up), then I will post it on here.



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I think the important thing is to view it from the childs point of view. What are they likely to be interested in knowing? Making it very visual and clear is obviously key and any photos you take of your setting would be best taken from a childs viewpoint, rather than from an adult height.


Good luck - I look forward to seeing what your finished version. :o

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These are a few things that I would like parents to know about from the start. Have just re-read them and obviously I wouldn't really write like this in a 'Welcome Pack' - just venting.


- Parking - please park so that where the neighbours won't get upset or where you might get a parking fine and be cross at me about.


- Ring me - Please do not stand at the door knocking and ringing and getting all cross when we are playing in the garden and can't hear you. We aren't all going to stop playing for one child's pick-up at unpredictable times. Please call my mobile phone and I will come and let you in.


- Picking up early - Please don't expect us to be home if you come at unexpected times. Once again, please ring my mobile phone.


- Please dress your children in clothes that you don't mind getting mucky, wet, messy etc. The children are here to PLAY - GEDDIT??


- Please don't dress toilet training children in fussy clothes with belts, buttons etc.


- Shoes without laces PLEASE


OOhhh...on a roll here - venting big time.


- If your children are going to play at someone else's for tea, please drop me a text so that we all know who is responsible for them.


I'm sure I will come up with a LOT more before the day is out, but that's a start.


Now, you can go back to being nice and polite.



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