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I only opened my pre-school in September with 2 children.

We are now up to 5 children and are having lots of problems with getting them to share.

All the children are 2yrs old and have the opinion that everything is 'theirs'. They have now started

running away from the other children or hurting them if they are asked to share a particular toy.

One child decided that she was going to stand on one of the scooter for the whole time we were outside

just so that no-one else could use it!


Any ideas of how we can get them to start sharing?

We do have plenty of toys and activities available for the children but it seems that they only want to play with

something if someone else has got it.



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Unfortunately there is no magic cure for this - they will eventually learn as they mature - sorry!


One tip we have is to use a large egg timer - it is an excellent visual way of ensuring fairness when lots of children want to use the same toy. (also a cheeky way of introducing the concept of time)


I am sure there will be lots of stories too on the subject but I can't think of any at the moment - am sure others on the forum will help you here

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developmentally they are doing what 2 year olds do! sharing as a concept actually kicks in at about 3 and a half/four...sometimes a bit earlier if they have older siblings. Turn taking however is achievable and it will need to be supported turn taking so senario ben has scooter ...bill wants it ...you need to speak to both of them...firstly ben i would like you to give bill a go with the scooter in a minute ....give bill a hug and stay with them while they watch....then say bill its ben's turn now and then you can have another go.... this should work! ...lots of praise for both parties and stickers maybe too!! ...you can call it sharing and then the next time you say share they may know what you require. ....sand timers also good for waiting as they can see the time moving!

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remember - what you actually want them to do is 'take turns' sometimes even with the very youngest children in our pre-school this works better that 'sharing'. You can share a cake by cutting it in half - you can't share a scooter....


Might be worth a try - and it really works!!

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