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Letters And Sounds 4 Part Lesson


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Hello folks. This is my first post on this forum having joined yesterday. There are some great posts on here.

I'm looking for some advice on teaching phonics. I'm happy with the first two parts but am struggling to organise the practise part. How do others manage this? Do you set up lots of activities and send them to work in groups, supporting a different group each day? Do you split into ability groups, one with the teacher and one with the TA? I'm worried about having enough resources for all the children to participate. The school has said they will fund the resources I need but I first need to be clear as to exactly what I need!


Any advice would be welcome.

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The practise is part of the whole discrete session - RTPA


Review- briefly practice what was taught yesterday

Teach-new PGC or blending or segmenting skills

Practice - the thing you just taught! This can be in a short activity such as segmenting words including the new phoneme and making them with magnetic letters or cards for example.

Apply - link the skill taught to reading or writing - usually in sentences, play a game like silly sentences for example.


All should be about 20 mins.


Then you would have the opps in your wider provision to apply the taught skills or knowledge e.g. in the role play etc etc.


I think from memory there is an explanation of the session in the letters and sounds guidance booklets.



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Hi and Welcome.


I'm Preschool so it's a bit different for me in Phase one. What I do is do us all together and then split differently, so one day I might have ability and another day where they go with friends and support each other a bit.


Could you have different types of resources on five tables and rotate the children round each day so they all have a go?

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I think you can get examples of plans, and therefore ideas, for each part of lesson from TES, which are free. We have also subscribed to phonicsplay.co.uk and you can access planning which can be adapt - £10 for single user but this year we have paid £120 so whole classes could access it in ICT suite i.e Y1 and 2, in reception we take small groups and you can target which letters you are actually using - it gives you games for each stage of phases, children enjoy - part of my practise and apply parts some days. I teach whole class for some sessions but as phases children are operating at become more defined we split into 2 groups so my TA and I teach separately. As well as access to phonics in cont prov, we target ability groups once a week in focussed teaching time away from phonics session - may be oral blending and segmenting, discriminating initial sounds and matching objects to graphemes, magnetic letters to make or read cvc words with different letter groups. Hope this makes sense! I know what I mean...

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Thanks for all your help. I regularly use phonicsplay. The children love it! I have now split the class into 2 groups as some are still unsure of initial letter sounds, whilst others can confidently segment and blend. In an observation I was told the children were sitting for too long which is why I wanted advice on the practise part. In some recent training I saw some lovely ideas including putting the sounds/pictures in various parts of the classroom for the children to find. Might give it another go but last time I did this when we came to do phonics mid-morning half the resources had disappeared!

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