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What do you mean by an emergency? We have a 1st aid policy and a emergency evacuation one and acoupl eof others that could I suppose come under that grouping but dont have one entitled emergency. With what we already have in placw I dont quite see the need for one?

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Don't have an emergency policy as such but have detail of what to say if ringing emergency services as our building won't show up using satnav as it is in the car park of school/leisure centre. Gives procedure on what to say and that emergency vehicle would be met at entrance of car park.

1. Telephone number

2. Location

3. Postcode

4. Exact location As far left in car park as you can go Centre is Bungalow with blue gates.

5. Give your name

6. If Ambulance give patient's name’s age and brief description of symptoms.

7. Inform Control of best entrance (School/Sports Centre Car park) Tell them they will be


This is on wall beside phone.

Hope that helps.


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Mine says, what we would do in an extreme evacuation, so we have a place of safety to evacuate to, i.e. not just the grounds (the children could be outside for a long time the weather may be bad the danger could be such that we need to be a long way away from the hall) we have a local church hall we can go to if necessary. Also states where I keep an extra copy of relevant telephone numbers if the register gets left behind!

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Some thing to consider including?

my CDO suggested in her last visit that we need to identify an emergency place and a procedure inplace incase following a fire drill you cannt go back into the building, where would you wait in a safe place for parents to come? suggested places where neighbouring school local library just somewhere you can identify to parents as a collection point


You might not have an over all emergency policy because most events might be covered in other policies ie fire drills, accident proceedure etc

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