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Sensory Touchy Freely Box


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I would suggest some natural items such as pine cones, conkers, feathers, shells, sheep's wool, smooth/cold pebbles, rough bark.


Might be interesting to have two feely boxes - one with natural materials and one with man made, and observe which the children choose to 'feel' the most.

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have you tried filling vinyl gloves filled with things! we have used shaving foam (with colour/glitter) dries pasta small and large/ublick/cotton wool all sorts of things...really simple to make and last for a while despite the childrens best efforts!! really good for children who might not like sensory mess!

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hi can i ask do you use vinyl gloves like houshold gloves or the ones you use when changing children etc ., as would love to do this but unsure how can use glitter if cant be seen? sorry might be me being a bit dense thanks x :+ ))

the ones you use for changing the children...they are quite strong and have lasted for days....sometimes!!! :o

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also try ziplock bags with small amount of hair gel or other clear gel and add items which can be moved in it like glitter card pieces small beads and tape the open edge well....


also seen this done so they were flat and when finished exploring they were hung up in a window as light catchers...


wet sponge... try to find a natural one if possible.. hot water bottle with warm water..



try to think of the way things feel and match an item to it...hot, cold, wet ,dry, spiky, smooth, rough, sticky etc. we had separate bags with each item in so there was a different feel in each one.... I made them from material, but there are small cloth wash bags with a pull string top in shops which would do just as well , or lots of different boxes... we had shoe boxes, just went to a shoe shop and asked if they had any.. came home with 10 and a promise of more if I wanted...

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