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Hi all,


I know how good you all are so I though I would ask for some help!!


I have come across a HUGE box in the back of our storage shed full of tubes, connectors and big chunky wheels, which are a stamped with TAC TIC.


I have been trying to find out how it all goes together - but trying to do a google search has been fruitless so far, just noughts and crosses coming up!!


Does this sound familiar to anyone? and can you point me in the right direction for more info??


Many many thanks!!

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are they the black tubes with red connectors.... if so they were popular in the 80s I think it was as a construction kit to make a climbing frame/ den or whatever was needed- so it could be any shape or size, put together any way really.. think the wheels were so you could make it into a vehicle ...


it was one of the original large construction toys and could be left outdoors...


at the time they were really expensive and I can remember looking at them for the preschool but no way could we have afforded it.


there was also a mini version so you could plan your build first if you wanted!

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