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The book Let's Go, Zudie-o by Helen

Macgregor has a dvd of the first moon landing and a lovely dance activity which I have used successfully with 3 and 4 year olds.

Lots of opportunities for counting backwards to blast off!

I also had planet shapes and numbered spacecraft as a felt board activity.

As my husband works with satellites I banned the rhyme '5 little men in a flying saucer'-but that was just personal prejudice!

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tin foil/or those heat saving blankets they use for runners/cardboard boxes for space ships

little plastic spacement in the sand/gunk/water tray

painting paper cut out in circles and painted hung from ceiling window

moving like spacemen around the setting

making space helmets from card and tin foil

making aliens on the dough table

making aliens on the collage table

colours of aliens planets/numbers of eyes arms legs/ what does your aline like to eat?

songs five little men in flying saucer/twinkle twinkle little star...what is a star?

what is the moon made of...wallace & grommit......cheese

making flying suacers out of paper plates....and my best one.....you need red cellophane and make spectacles using the red cellophane..... you have pre-sdrawn 6 pictures of a flying saucers in green pen on one 5 aliens in green pen/ on the second 4 aliens in green pen and one in yellow/on the third three aliens in green and two in yellow/fourth 2 in green three in yellow/fifth 1 in green 4 in yellow and on the last only the flying saucer is in green the aliens all in yellow pen....when the children look through the glasses...the yellow aliens disappear! Great fun!

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