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Hi all,

We currently plan on separate sheets for focused activities and continuous provision. Both sheets are similiar with the learning objectives down the left handside split into the areas of learning, then the activities, children and look listen and note in the middle column and evaluation on the rightside. Also there is space at the bottom for individual needs etc.(adapted for plans that Catma very kindly shared a couple of years ago (thank you!))

We have recently had a good with outstanding features OFSTED and they seemed happy with this. However, I wonder whether we are making more work for ourselves by doing it on 2 sheets. Should we just add the enhancements etc that support the learning objectives under the focused activity for each area of learning?? What about other enhancements/resources/changes to provision that don't directly link in with weekly learning objectives e.g. to support individuals/continued/thematic - is that ok in a box at the bottom? I am desperately trying to avoid a sheet with all the different areas of provision listed as I feel this ends up as a 'fill-in-the-box' exercise where you are adding things that aren't really relevant just to write something in the box.

Any ideas? Catma - how do others use your plans?

Green Hippo.

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Hi greenhippo.

You will probably find that more reception teachers will pop along today to help you out.


In the meantime, I have to say I did tend to use separate sheets for the continuous provision and focused activities, but that was because the continuous provision plan was fluid and flexible and would evolve during the week, and often end up with notes all over it. I also found that I would have next weeks up on the wall too so that I would start writing on there (as would my TA) anything we were thinking about extending the following week.

Having said that, it was just my preference to do it that way, and if you feel you can cover all you need to one one sheet then there is no reason not to.


You could always give your plans a try out for a few weeks and see if you feel it covers everything you need it to, and could be understood by any support you have.

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Hi Greenhippo


re "What about other enhancements/resources/changes to provision that don't directly link." I have a birds eye plan of the classroom inc outdoor area. Each week I note down the enhancments, resources and changes here, it's in the classroom and we make notes on the plan during the week and then file away.


We also plan on two sheets and that seems to work, we do however have a table that denotes where each of the adults will be in each class, that helps to pull the two plans together.


Not sure if that's of any help?


Nicky X

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Hi there - I do try to get everything on one sheet myself and see continuous provision as part of the enhancement either for my activities or for things that children have initiated. I think the basic continuous porvision, ie everything that is always going to be there whatever eally doesn't need constanttly writing down.

But others like 2 so there's never one right way, I think it's what do you feel meets your needs best!?



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Thanks for your replies.

I have a CP sheet in each of the areas with the potential learning, resources, vocabulary etc so basic are not lwriten anywhere else unless there is a need to change this e.g. reduce resources or change construction sets etc.

What we do write down each week is any additional resources or adult interaction/modelling which support the weekly learning intentions, are informed by our observations of needs/interests or are linked to the current theme. I have always been advised to ensure that there are learning intentions linked to continuous provision (and OFSTED did like this) which of course is fine for those enhancements put out to support and develop the current learning objectives. Where I get stuck is the enhancements that are there for individual needs/interests or as part of the theme or medium term objectives - how much does this need to be explained? I am aware and of course promote the fact that children can and will learn many different things from an enhancement not just what it was put there for but do I need to explain the intended learning behind every different thing? For example, if I had listed on my medium-term plan the enhancements that support the current theme, is there a need to write it again? or If I am continuing a resource in an area as it is still popular do I need to re-highlight the intended learning for that resource? I'm not sure I'm making sense here?? What I am trying to avoid is having too many focus learning intentions for each week as we will never be able to remember them (or may be other people do and we have really bad memories???)

Any ideas welcome!!

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Hi everyone,

I just wondered if I could be really cheeky and ask to see an example of your continuous provision planning? I would really just love to see how everyone is doing it? Thanks!

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Hi Everyone,


Planning is something that drives me mad in the Early Years!... I don't think anyone ever knows if they are doing it right or not! lol. We seem to change ours every few weeks! Could anyone add examples of what plans they have? We are due OFSTED at any time and any guidance would be much appreciated!


OFSTED seem to be happy with planning as long as it works for you and you are getting the results?

It takes us hours to plan..... at the moment we have a weekly plan for Letters and sounds and Numeracy, and plans for focused activities Indoor and Out. On top of this we have to plan weekly activities for RE as we are a catholic school.


Hope someone can help!


Thanks xxx

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Here are an example of my plans (they are inspired by Catma so I won't take the credit!). The continuous provision plan looks a bit 'empty' at the moment as we don't like to add too many new things at once as children are still exploring the basic provision. Individuals are often catered for on an immediate or day-to-day basis so this is shown through the evaluation (especially at the moment as we have not started our individual plans)

The plans work well for us and Ofsted did like them. I may try combining the 2 plans - writing the continuous provision enhancements/staffing etc in the same box as the focused activity - in italics. Then any extra additions or changes e.g. for individuals, themed etc at the bottom (may split this into 6 cells for each area of learning?. I always write the outdoor CP in green so that it stands out.

Ofsted were very keen on how we planned for individuals, - which we do and she could see, but we are making doubley sure that individuals are always mention explicitly on the plan for all to see!!






Green Hippo x

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Not sure if you have seen something like this before - it might be considered old fashioned but it has worked for me in the past. I usually get good feedback from observations, OFSTED and moderations. I agree planning seems to take longer and longer to prepare and it also uses lots of paper but for me this works as continuous provision. I have three adult focus activities per week, which allowed us to have time for observations and scaffolding the children in their own child initiated play. I have separate literacy and numeracy plans that are in more detail. I hope this helps you?


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