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Hi As part of 'All about me' we are looking for exciting activities to do with sight, and any recommendations for good books.


We have thought about shadows, making shadows, how they are made, following a sundial outside and plotting movement over time...(maybe kids can make own)


Light and dark: Blacking out a tent, getting chn to go inside to look for things, use glow sticks inside, wear flourescent clothing inside, use torches.


Use our eyes on a 'Welly walk' to look for signs of autumn, look at autumn colours, take photos.


Role play - A photography studio, or opticians.


Eye colour chart for maths - there is something on iboard for this so get ICT out of it too.


Looking at colour - mixing black/white to primary colours.



Anyone got any other ideas, or good books about being afraid of the dark, light and dar, shadows.


I thought about using shoe boxes with tiny holes for chn to look into and guess what is inside on our interest table...



Many thanks....!

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Shark in the Dark, or Shark in the Park, about a little boy looking through his telescope thinks he can see a shark each time, but it proves to be something else, our children love the book, it rhymes too, and has flourescent parts to each image.


There's also a couple of lovely stories about a short sighted dog - will have to have a think about that, can't remember off hand.


How about trying to find some of those magic eye pictures to see if the children can see the hidden image, or the type of images that look like say a candlestick, but it is actually two people side profile kissing!

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Daft Dog by Colin Hawkins is a funny read. He is short sighted and goes into various shops before he finally finds the opticians.


The other stories I'm trying to find may be too old, they are year 3 ready to read unsupported books, but could be good for a teacher to read to the class chapter by chapter - obviously they are not too long, keep thinking it's something like Horace the short sighted dog,they even made television cartoons shows from it.

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Daft Dog by Colin Hawkins is a funny read. He is short sighted and goes into various shops before he finally finds the opticians.

There is a Winnie the Witch book on the same theme - she has various accidents because she needs glasses.....'Winnie Flies Again'

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Thanks all -


Such brill ideas. here's what I've decided, you're all so helpful, so only fair to share... these are a mix of Adult led and CP activities, or things to talk about as a class


KUW: Darkened tent, find things with eyes only. Then use torch on reflective, flourescent stuff.

KUW: Make shadow boxes

KUW: Guess what's in the box - look through small hole - encourage chn to put things in from home, can other chn guess.


CLL: Cover torch with foil - make pin hole, point at IWB, write over name on IWB, or over letters.


CLL: Brown Bear book - think of other things Brown bear can see in our class - make flip video story.

CLL: Guess who game - Use chnin class - can other guess who I'm looking at


PSRN: Eye colours in class, bar chart.


KUW: Chasing shadows, draw round and observe chnages over time.

CD: Colour mixing, light and dark.

Role play - photography studio.


Welly walk - look for signs of autumn, collect items for interest table to look at.


i'll use tuff spot for collection of things to look at, optical illusions, magnifying glasses etc.


Thanks all.

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