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Hi everyone


We had an staff day last week and a few queries came up... One of them was about the accident book. We currently use a form (that I found on here a while ago - see attachment) that we make into a spiral bound book. One of the headings of the form is 'accident layout' - do we always need to draw a layout of the area where the accident took place? I thought we did so that when we look back through the forms for risk assessment purposes we can see if there are any common areas where accidents took place..... Do any of you lovely people know the answer to this??


Many thanks


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I guess it's good practice to get as full account as possible, however it isn't a requirement to draw the physical layout. As long as practitioners are writing enough detail regarding the location of the incident; then it should be enough information to inform your risk assessment evaluation at the end of the set term.


We don't even use body blanks for accident forms. I just make sure practitioners write a FULL account of all the details.

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we just write where the child was when it happened - eg. on climbing frame, in book area etc.

Ditto xD


Just another thought on this subject - I once had my wrists slapped by the big O because the accident record mentioned other children's names.....i.e. 'Ben tripped over Jack as he lay on the floor' or somesuch! :o

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Also, I noticed an 'if child' statement - we have HSE accident books for adults, which we would also use if a child had an accident needing further treatment ie dr/hosp visit.


We have a sheet similar to yours for the more common everyday injuries (well hopefully not used everyday!!!!!!!)

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