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Hi all


I have just had a meeting with a tutor, regarding the completion of my FDEY (although she said its the FD in early childhood studies now)

I completed mine, to level 4, three years a go. I had a break from study due to personal circumstances.

Anyway, i am now thinking of completing it and have been told which modules i would need to do. There are 5 in total, and i can APEL past modules, which means i would join the year 3 students.

The modules i need to do are level 5, so i was wondering what the difference is between level 4 and level 5, regarding difficulty.

I feel a bit apprehensive due to me not studying for some time. How have you all found the level 5 work compared to level 4.

I look forward to your replies :oxD


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I've just finished my foundation degree and I didn't really find the work in the second year (level 5) that much harder than in the first (level 4).

The assignments are set at about the same level but the marking is a bit stricter on the level 5.


Hope that helps, I'm sure you will be fine once you get back into study mode.


Good Luck!

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I didnt find year two any harder either so i would say go for it xD

Are you sure? :o I seem to remember that there was a jump in between the standard expected in the two FD years, and I know that some of our study buddies' marks took a bit of a dip at the beginning of the second year until they found their feet.


Certainly it is my experience when teaching that second years have to raise their game. As klc106 says, the marking is definitely stricter. If you think about it logically, if the standard of work didn't improve in the second year, the third year would be very difficult because you'd be trying to complete Level 6 assignments whilst effectively being a Level 4 learner!


I would say that it will most probably all come flooding back BillyJo, but whilst you're waiting to start, it won't hurt to start reading level 5 text books, research papers and more academic articles to get you back in the swing again.


Good luck, try to relax and don't worry. I'm sure it will all come together!

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Thanks for your replies


I have just emailed to say i am going to enrol again, possibly :o


I went to the library yesterday to get some of the books from the reading list and found i already own three of them from before! I did get some of the study skills books, so a little reading before i start, must get up the loft to find my other books and older work to prove i can do it lol.


I think its the way forward, as i am looking for a new job and i know i will have help from the wonderful people on here :( I'll let you know when 'the deed is done' xD


thanks again



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