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Hi i was wondering if anyone had any ideas for a social night for parents. a way for the new parents to get to no each other

i was thinking like a race night??



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We have social evenings for parents to get to know each other. We go out for meals a few times a year, we have tea and mince pies near Christmas, and have fundraisers where parents circulate. We're thinking of doing a 'bring and share' supper this year at some point as we're finding that some parents can't justify paying for a meal out for themselves.

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Okay here goes we try to do something for everyone throughout the year, some child friendly some adults only.

They include, fundays, bazaars, bingo nights, quiz nights, line dancing, pamper evenings, halloween discos, summer discos, bbqs. indian and chinese meals out.

We have had two race nights using the dvd method, you do have to get a lot of people in to cover al the costs, but lots of fun.

We do invite parent/carers to join us for trips out with the children this helps them to get to know each other too.

We also have end of term concerts with refreshments another opportunity for people to meet.

We work hard to be a friendly happy place where people feel comfortable to stop say hello and a chance to get to know each other.

We also do induction sessions for up and coming newbies so parents get to meet each other too.

Wow when you write it down we are a busy bunch.

Good luck whatever you decide to do. :o

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That's right Bridger! After I'd posted mine I thought of loads of other stuff, like you say, once you start to catalogue it all there's loads! Even something as basic as having an area for parents to congregate together whilst they wait for the end of the session, it all helps break down the barriers

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