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Hi everyone,

Hope you are all ok and doing well back at school. Can someone please recommend some useful websites for early years games etc particularly for maths and literacy.

Many thanks in advance


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my school subscribes to education city for me which I use for phonics and number on an almost daily basis. You can get a free trial for a month and then you pay (sorry I don't know how much but I think around £60 per subject per year) I couldn't be without it.


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i also use




Crick web




Roy the Zebra


My children love this:

Help Kids learn


I have also put you a link for the Kent trust games as i only recently found the interactive games as the website is confusing.

Kent trust


Guardian newspaper has just lauched a webiste like TES


I will have to check on the chool computer there is ohers but can't remeber them



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