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We are a playgroup and in our prospectus we say:


No bare shoulders in the summer

a change of shoes (either wellies for outside or slippers for inside)

sun hat for summer

no crocs type shoes or open toed sandles as these cause problems on outside play equipment

we also say that old clothes are best as we do get messy


hope this helps

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We state that children should wear clothes that can get messy!!! We ask for wellies for outside play, appropriate clothing according to weather conditions eg; sun hat, winter hat, warm coat etc.

We also offer parents the chance to purchase polo shirts and sweatshirts with our logo on them. Most parents buy these and choose whatever colour they like so the children are a mixed rainbow of colour. Staff also wear these as well. Everyone loves them and it makes us distinctive.

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Hi there


We suggest that parents send children in clothes that are easily washable or not too new and that help children develop their independence e.g., we ask them to avoid belts that children cannot undo themselves and dungarees. We also suggest sun hats for summer and warm jumpers, coats, hats, gloves, scarves and a pair of wellies for later in the year. We also suggest suitable footwear and recommend parents avoid jelly type shoes, flip flops and open toed footwear as its not good when playing outdoors with the climbing rame, balance beams, large wooden blocks etc.


Like Zigzag we offer parents the opportunity to purchase t shirts and sweatshirts with our logo on if they wish and we used capital access grant funding to buy all weather gear for the children.



All good in theory but parents don't always act on our recommendations and we have had some lovely Ugg boots, lots of white next dresses and t shirts etc. which do sometimes go home dirty!

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