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Looking For Some Craft Supplies....

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Hi folks,


I want to make some puppets from card where the arms and legs are joined with split pins....


Does anyone know where I can find either a template - or a ready cut pack!


Many thanks,

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I once spent a whole evening cutting out all the parts and took them into the setting to get the children to put together.


Me: George would you like to come an make a little puppet with me?


George: I suppose this is another one of your stupid ideas!


I was momentarily speechless which was unusual for me and then I piointed out that if he didn't want to do an activity all he need say is no thank you and when he wandered off I got the giggles. It only confirmed why child initiated play is important....what we as practitioners sometimes think is a really fun and exciting activity the children don't :o

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This reminds me of a little lad called Michael.A student attached to us had to lead a session of creative activities, she chose papier mache puppets . The children would all, make pigs. The older staff tried to dissuade her but no she would be able to do this with the group of 3-4 year old who were boisterous and feisty and they would enjoy it.


The sessions carried on for several weeks and once a fortnight on Friday she left , leaving a trail of paper , popped balloons and dripping objects. The pigs which were drying in the childrens bathroom dripped happily for several days and we all took it in turns to wipe the puddles , turn them and to make sure that they stayed on the string line.


More pigs were added to the string line and then it began to sag, we hooked up the line and the puppets dried slowly, it took ages. By now the chidleren and staff were fed up and everyone tried to avoid the pigs. Half term arrived and went, I spoke to the student who assured me that she had only one child to " catch" Michael.


"come along dear" she cooed "you have to make a puppet."

" not bloody likely" he replied as he scampered off across the garden, he stood hands on hips among his friends, each one looking at him with a mixture of admiration and horror , he had used a rude word, but I flet he echoed what all the adults felt.


Needless to say the student never repeated this activity and she learned that one has to listen to the children and to resource and extend their chosen activities .

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