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Our setting runs from a church hall , where everything is pack away. We currently store children's records, accident, incident, registers in a metal locked filing box and we currently have about 6 years worth of paperwork, I know we have to keep (most) for 21 years.


Problem; this box is now fit to bursting, and I can't fit in this years registration forms in it! Buying a new locked box isn't a problem but STORING it is!!


Question; where do you store your old paperwork?

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Hi its a nightmare isn't it.

We also run from a village hall, but i suppose are quite fortunate to have lots of cupboards and a new storage area built with local funding.

This has enabled us to shuffle things around and they are stored in a locked filing cupboard and filing box.

Still feel as though we are fit to burst. xD:o

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Just keep the accident and incident books, anything relating to safeguarding for any particular childs and all insurance certs.

The DW we had from the PLA said keep it till you need the room.

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We are also a packaway in a village hall but are extremely lucky to have a loft above our locked storage cupboard that we can store stuff in. I brought everything home over the holidays as I knew there was stuff we didn't need to keep any more, my EYST gave me the attached which has really helped while sorting through what can be got rid of :)


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I scan all pwork to computer then store on discs per year then destroy paper copies and delete from comp x


just to add this is for names addresses, certificates etc not CP records etc or accident books etc

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Guest jenpercy

looked at guidance


Can anyone explain the difference between

Staff personal records - 7 years after employment ceases


Employee personnel records after termination - 3 years

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Hi, we operate from a Village Hall also. My colleague (the owner) keeps archived paperwork at home in her study. Then if anyone requests to see any information we have a form they fill in explaining what information they require then my colleague locates it and brings it in in an agreed time frame.


Ofsted initially questioned this, but with fighting the argument that the V.Hall committee wouldn't provide more space for storage, they soon accepted the situation.

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