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One of my favourites is 'Not so fast Songololo' by Niki Daly. I need to get another copy as ours is so well read it's getting a bit tatty!


We also have some well known stories with the text in French, German, Russian and Urdu.


We have encyclopaedias and 'information books' - I recently got some lovely hardback books from my local £1 shop - beautiful illustrations and nice, simple explanatory text, these included 'Wild animals', 'Under the sea', 'Baby animals' and several more.


I am always on the look out for books and often car boots/charity shoprs have some real bargains

and I tend to steer away from ordering 'cultural books' from EY suppliers, I tend to think they are over priced and with a good hunt around I can find plenty!


We have several books on transport. I contacted my local Traveller Education Dept and they were great in recommending books which depict the lifestyle of travellers. We have some lovely ones but the names escape me but there is one about a little boy who lives in a trailer and is looking for his wellies to take to preschool sorry I can't remember the title.


We also have some 'living in ...' books, we have several different countries.


HOpe this is some help, sorry I am doing it from memory and trying to visualise our book area but it's early on a saturday morning! :o

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The story 'something else' is a good one about people who look different from yourself.


'Night Monkey, Day Monkey' is about looking at different cultures and perspectives on life


er....I'll keep thinking about what's on the shelves!

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We have 'Susan Laughs' 'Lucy's Picture' and 'Where's Chimpy'


Susan Laughs is all about a little girl in a wheelchair and talks about all the things that she can do just like other children.


Lucy's Picture is about a little girl making a picture for her blind grandpa, using lots of textures.


Where's Chimpey is just a story about a little girl looking for her favourite toy but the pictures are photos and the little girl in them just happens to be Downs Syndrome. It might be a bit young for 4 year olds but it is lovely and worth having around.


I can't think offhand of what we have for different types of families or same sex relationships but I'll keep thinking and if anything comes to mind I'll be back ;)

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