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White Tailed Bumble Bees


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Well, today we started replacing the windows at Preschool from old chapel leaded windows to double-glazed units. Unfortunately we found a nest of white tailed bumble bees in the wall cavity! We quickly put that unit in place, although they weren't happy about the drilling etc.


Now my question is, I know that only the queen survives the winter, but will she go somewhere else to do that - can I seal the hole up after the frosts have begun? I can see where the hole is on the outside.


Steve - you are a fount of knowledge about bees - what do you reckon?

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Lucky you!

Im sure our resident bee expert will come along shortly, but my thinking is as yours, bees dont nest for long, they'll be gone by autumn and they dont eat into brickwork like masonry bees. They dont usually cause any harm either.

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