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Not sure if it's breeding time for earwigs but we seem to be inundated with them at the moment at Pre-School. When I open the gate in the morning thay fall out and run all over the pavement (have 1 member of staff who wont touch the gate now!), unfold a clean tea towel they fall out, inbetween the plates, inside cups!! Really have had enough, anyone else having this problem at the moment and if so how are you getting rid of them!!! :o



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Earwigs love damp and dark, so Id wonder if its possible your cupboards are damp in any way? Especially the t towels. Also check if there any cracks in walls, doors etc etc where they can get in. Outside, is the gate near damp eg leaves, or is the gate rotting and they can gather nicely inside?


There are a couple of non pesticide things you can try. One is to wrap up a damp newspaper in a tube and place it where you think they gather, maybe under the cupboard? In the morning they should all be in the newspaper rather than your mugs...dispose of accordingly!

the other is similar to the beer trap for slugs: a small tray of oil with apple in it, they are attracted to it and drown. (not that I'm encouraging you to kill the *****).


Good luck with it, I can tolerate most bugs but earwigs are one of the two I cant!

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Thanks for the advice, no damp dark cupboards or anything, we have moved tea towels etc but they still seem to crawl inside. I have inspected the gate and there is no rot, it's a double gate and where they close together is a small lip and they gather there over night!

I'm not a big creepy crawlie fan and trying to put a brave face on it when I open the gate and they all fall out and run for cover, it's like something out of a horror movie! :o



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As usual a plea finds me researching and asking why I had not discovered this before...


seems there is a 'cure' for insects and bugs outside and I may find myself trying it out as it can also be used for fleas on cats which mine seem to never be free of for long.. think it is the outdoor beds they have that need treatment..


So what is this .. seems poultry farmers and owners use it a lot for red mite, it can be put in feed, and I have even found somewhere that says it can be safely eaten.. not advocating theat at all.. but there is a version suitable


Diatomaceous Earth


and for sale online in many places... best I have found so far is Wigglywiggers (don't you just love that name!) did see it on amazon and ebay perhaps a bit more research...


Only thing I have found against it is don't inhale the powder as you put it on, and make sure you don't get the swimming pool grade...


Looks like it could be a solution...


We don't have any real insect problem in the garden.. the frogs do an amazing job of keeping them down..


Pity about the fleas though!!

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