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well this coming year will see our local LEA cut back and we all knew it would come.


There will be little or no training. No supply cover for some or all training.


we are a pack away, non profit making, outstanding pre-school. We have got where we are by good really good training in our area use of good support of KCC staff and excellent networking with other like minded practitioners


This is so short sighted, settings will slip backwards and early years will again become the bottom of the agenda when we have been fighting hard to show that this is so crucial for the children's future education


We will not be able to pay for supply and therefore training will not take place, i cannot expect my staff as great as they are to go on training and not be paid, we already do enough without pay


So my question is what is happening this year for you guys??

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Hi Sue


All of that has already happened in our area (since Easter).

What happens then for all those courses that are a necessity ie safeguarding, first aid, food hygiene? So far our committee have still paidfor us to go on them as we were already booked on..but there are 19 of us! Think that will stop in sept.

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We've never had cover for training!


Our funding has been cut for qualification training, so no CPD there- as no-one qualifies for private training providers at the moment. So nothing over L3 for anyone.

Our short courses have been creeping up in price too.



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The committee will have to pay you to attend compulsory training!!!!


So far we've lost


Playgroup Network - advisory service


Inclusion Advisers - have come back under NAPPY but now only deal with under 3's and more to meet specific needs of individual children as opposed to general advice if needed.


No cover costs for training


Training directory only contains compulsory training


Graduate Leader fund - now only supports level 3, 4 and 5 and you are expected to go onto level 6 if you do this. Also staff member must pay 5% towards costs

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still waiting to hear here, but anticipating a 50% cut in number of advisors, charges to be levied for all training, no supply cover, no funded L2, L3 or higher (so much for upskilling the workforce!!)


my setting will be fine, we can and will pay for training, but I'm sure many will cut back massively. I also worry about support for those settings who are currently inadequate/satisfactory given the reduction in advisors.


I also wait to see how the FNEP funding pans out next year.

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Hi - think our area is continuing the general air of doom and gloom. There's no free training provided for us from now on and I know we won't be able to send every one on safeguarding , first aid etc at a mininum of £60-£80 pounds a time each. One local preschool has already closed and I think this year will be a case of wait and see for us. It looks like we will be losing our Early years advisors/ pedagogues as I think they are having to reapply for their jobs and their are about 5 or 6 positions available for the current 11 in situ. Also, they said they think that their role will be moving to cover reception classes in schools so it looks like we're going to have no source of help on top of the dearth of training. We were talking about looking at options of getting together with other settings in our local area to see if we can look at making our own networks for training or support that way. It makes me furious to think of all the money that's been thrown at early years (and I think there's been quite a lot of lavish spending and the money could maybe have been used more effectively) and now we're all in this position. But, hey, what do I know ... I'm not an Local Governmentl Accountant, a politician, policy advisor or an OFSTED inspector .... xD:o

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Same here is East Anglia. The roles of our advisers has changed and many have been cut. There is compulsory training but little else. This afternoon I have been trying to sort out on site first aid training for all 15 of us. We now have to pay the full cost which turns out to be £1500 for the group, plus two days wages for the 15 staff attending!!

Things certainly have changed...


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we are waiting to hear about training for us. We have been very lucky in kent in having supply cover paid and training sessions free. They have also run really good projects. So for us it will come a s a big shock. we will have to pay for comp. training. luckily we all did first aid this year!!


We stil have our advisors althought the number has been cut.


I am leading early years pratitioner and have helped supprot other settings with visits to ours and outreach work but all this is unpaid. I feel more and more the lea's will rely on goodwill, there is only so much of that to go around.

Its so sad and very short sighted

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We too have lost our termly visit from our EY Advisors and were told today that as the lea are cutting costs we ow need to print out our own parental contracts - however out of the blue today we had a visit from the top EY Advisor to deliver a plastic bottle with lots of ideas for pirate planning and also a dvd on how to make the best of ict in the setting.............. hm now as an outstanding pre school Im pretty sure we could of worked that out!!!

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we now need to print out our own parental contracts


Essex must be so ahead!!................. We've had to print our own for ages!! Last term (or maybe Jan) AFTER printing them all off - we get another email telling us the details were wrong and we had to re-print the lot.

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