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Not sure I have posted in the right area, I am after some advice. I currently work in a full day care setting, part-time/term time only and I am really happy, but I need to increase my hours as I am not earning enough to cover all the bills. I spoke to the owner and asked her if it would be possible to move to another of the settings she owns (which is closer to my house) as more hours are not available at my current setting, she was really keen and insinuated that it would be possible and she would let me know. This was 3 weeks ago today, my manager has also contacted the owner to ask if she had made a decision, but she said that she had not had yet managed to speak to our operations manager.


I really want to know either way but feel they could just be stalling, possibly because they do not have hours at another setting or they do not want me to move settings. I feel let down that no one has come back to me. Would you go back and speak to the owner personally, I do not want her to think I am nagging, but cannot make any decisions about my future until I know. Any advice please

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I don't see any problem with you jogging her memory. Be as pleasant as possible - just say you were wondering if she's had a chance to sort anything out yet? Did you suggest to her that it might be possible to do a mix of hours at each setting?

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Thanks to everyone for their advice, I have now had a response and I have been offered more hours at the nursery that is local to me which is great and I am really happy, I have also been given more responsibility and been told that eventually I will run the setting with another member of staff, which is fine and I am happy with this.


Today I asked if I was going to get a pay rise and was told that my wage would have to remain the same, the ops manager looked me in the eye and said this i because the other member of staff earns the same wage, however I know this is not true and the member of staff earns £2ph more than me! we are not allowed to discuss wages so I am not able to say I know its a lie. I keep thinking that I am being ungrateful as I have got the move I wanted, but I feel I am now being used a bit :o . On the plus side I am saving over £60 in petrol costs so could look at that as my additional wage, I did not expect to get a £2ph pay rise but did think £1ph would have been offered

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