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Do You Interfere With Staff Issues?


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Hi to my fellow committee members (thats all on the forum really!!)


Just wondered if as a committee run setting....when staff start complaining to you about the manager do you step in?



manager taken today off as she is tired. Left everything to deputy who asked to go 30 mins early yesterday (when numbers of children had droppped) but was told no.


Deputy says she is lazy and doesnt help set up for the session. Deputy has said that she has deliberately left things that need doing in the hope the manager would do them but ended up doing them herself as otherwise they would never get done. ie daily risk assessments. I do know that when the deputy isnt there (holiday) the manager did them.


Other staff are complaining she just sits with her favourite children, has her favourite staff to which she decides to work say outside with.


The situation is that it is out of school club so different than nursery, pre-school etc. Manager is given 5 hours per week admin time which is plenty to do planning. Ordering is done once in a month if that and food ordering done by school cook so it would be expected that manager help set up.


All little niggles but affecting staff morale.


So as chair do i have to have a quiet word??? Not sure i want to at the moment as manger is stressed about her suitable person interview on mon (another story!)


Sorrrryyyy...been on here a lot for advice recently.

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Unfortunately Marley, as chair you are the line manager of the manager so will be the one to speak to her, otherwise, whee do staff go?

But, just be clear that the staffs version of events is right. After all, if she has favorite staff it could be sour grapes from the one's who aren't favorites.

And 5 hours a week to plan for an after school club seems very generous to me. :o

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Could you have an interim interview with her, I assume she will still be on probation.. raise a few issues with her, set some targets or things you want to see improved/changed etc.. ask how she manages things like which staff do which job.. and why.. when she does the risk assessment .. ask questions which will get the answers from the issues raised with you.


as deputy is one raising the issues could the manager feel a bit threatened by her, she did do the job for a while I believe so maybe feels stepping back when she is there is the way she should deal with things.. as she could and did do the job when she had to.


5 hours is generous for the planning etc.. how do you check she is using this time for the job what results do you see of this time.. perhaps a also bit of checking to see what is being done etc.

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5 hours is very generous for planning i know..hence for sutiable person interview on mon she should be ok as she has had plenty of time to be reading hasnt she :o


Did think it would be down to me. Think after the suitable person interview I will ask to meet up with her. We did touch on some issues during her appraisal but think you are right i do now need to take these concerns further. Have had informal complaints from all permanent staff.

I dont think deputy is threatened just peed off. I have been told that manger actually said that deputy does the work and that she gets paid for it....I know, I know...


So you think I should get a bit harder with her???

Edited by marley
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at this stage I probably would, take detailed notes and have both of you read and sign to agree they are accurate- these could then be used in future to see if things have changed and show that you are going to follow up.

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Thanks. Going to see what monday and suitable person interview brings with it and sort meeting out with her to discuss.

Will do as you advise write things down,Im going to take her last appraisal too and the staff action plan we do....she will be sad that she said she "thought she could relax now"!!!!


Have told the deputy that I will be meeting with the manager soon (so that she is aware that I am dealing with it and not letting it lie)...so hard trying to keep everyone happy......some things are happening at my work too although I seem to be oblivious to it all :o



...is it because the majority of us are women??!!!

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