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I have a child in the nursery who shows no emotion when he pinches faces, or arms. he is only two years and still very young for his age. It is not that the children are taking things from him, It is children who are kind to him and helping him adjust to nursery. He started with me in January so he has had nearly two terms to adjust.


I have tried speacking with mum and very aware of the situation

I have tried puppet intervention

I have now started to sit him away with a practitioner



Any other suggestions?????

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How does he 'do' with supported one to one play with another child?


Is this 'regular' behaviour for him, or is he different at home or in another setting?


(PS, I think if you 'right click' in your text box you can get a spell check)

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Dear Cait,


he is okay when working/playing on a one to one with a practitoner and can extend two with one practitioner.


I thought it was attention seeking and then not as it is happening more oftern then not. Mum sayes it happens at home and in the park. Sayes it is to do with the bousterious boys - but has nothing to do with them - he does not play in their circle


He does not show emotion he stays with the child but just looks at them - when we talk about it - he has a blank focus as if he is staring through you.


I am going to try pictures of sad and happy - I need other ideas to try

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Hi can you tell me whether this child speaks at all. Have the other children that he has hurt retaliated, if so how did he react to this if at all.

I would certainly model and support play initially alongside in small groups, giving lots of praise for lovely play.

I think the use of emotion symbols/pictures is too difficult for one so young and feel lots of observations may give you a more accurate picture of the whole child, the way they play and in turn help you to make an informed decision on your next steps with him.

You say you are a nursery is he with his own age group or lots of older children, is he showing any signs of anxiety, separating from parent/main carer, sorry for all the questions, but wish to advise and help if i can, but need a better picture overall.

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Hi thankyou,


The children have not retailiated so far, he is developing his speech, still in baby format mmama ssaassa, we can comprehend although understands for example if you ask for the blue brick he will get it, red train he will get it or point to it and simple instructions can you find and give to her and he will carry forward.


He stands and watches or stays near a member of staff - children who go near him want to interact and try to give him a toy or book he will lash out, in a quiet way no tone of voice just with hands or mouth.


Our group is a mixture of ages all children together in the morning and split into groups the later part of the morning.


I feel he is young to comprehend his actions however need stratergies to support him and his family

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forgot to say, he wants mum to stay until a member of staff comes in then sayes bye. Which is fine.


Our age group is 2-4 and we have a 1-6 staff ratio at present we have 25 children

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Hi it would appear from your comments that he maynot be as settled as you may have thought.

As his speech is still developing his only defence when he feels threatened is to possibly lash out.

Are the children giving him toys/books in an aid to pacify him. As it could be that he is unable to understand the sharing and giving concepts yet.

He is still very young and my thoughts are for you to carry on providing one on one or small group support, maybe talk to your other children that................. finds it difficult and perhaps they give him alittle more space or a wide berth, i'm sure it will pass soon but certainly keep an eye on the blankness, showing no emotion aspect.

Hope this is helpful. :o

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