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Putting Risk In Perspective


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"Risk is a hot topic in education, and the source of a great deal of professional confusion and anxiety. Tim Gill charts a way through the stormy waters towards a more thoughtful, balanced approach"


taken from this article .... Putting risk in perspective


found on a site which I am still to fully explore but think it may be helpful.

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Hi - I was lucky enough to see Tim Gill speaking at a "Risky Play" course last year. It was really interesting and I do agree with a lot of what he says (we also had the chance to engage in some interesting & 'risky' play experiences!) He said that he thought that "good parenting is the art of benign neglect " (or words to that effect!) which is very true but not quite so easy to embrace in the workplace!! It's one thing benignly neglecting your own children but not so sure all our parents wouldbe so understanding! : )

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