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Help Needed On 6 Area's Of Learning


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Hi All, I (as a committee member) I am trying to help organise our brand new buildling and particularly our store rooms and shed. I think it might be usefull to put a lot of equipment into the 6 area's of learning (I know the EYFS looks likely to change but we need to do this now). What I would like to know is there anywhere a fairly comprehensive list that will say what resouce fits what area (I do know there is lots of cross over). If I have to go through my book for each item its going to take me forever. Any help much appreciated.

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In my opinion that is a tough task you have set yourself!!


I think it might be easier to organise into areas like creative or big toys, physical skills toys, fine motor skills. water, sand or construction etc.


Too much cross over I think for under 6 headings...............


I might be misguided here. Maybe someone will tell you different!!!


Good luck.

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umm been thinking about this one and came to same conclusion : i would do as pysical, creative, construction, mark making etc instead of 6 areas - there will be lots of crossovers however you do it and it is going to take time :o

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Hi rollercoaster we zoned ours into role-play, small world, creative, construction, ICT, PSRN [ games, puzzles, threading,weighing sequencing], all stored indoors.

We bought lots of trolleys for art, book area, kitchen trolley, bathroom trolley which are wheeled out each day as we are a packaway setting.

Then in the two sheds outside all the large physical equipment as well as water-play, sand, gardening.

Works well for us and stays generally tidy.

On a Friday we sort all the resources into another trolley for the next week.

It is a mammoth task but once you start its not too bad.

My only suggestion is to get as many stackable boxes or trays with lids you can, i think we got ours from Grattalls. :o

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I needed to think about this one too. I've just spent a significant chunk of the Easter holidays sorting out our shed/resources cupboards.


I have them sectioned roughly as follows:



role play

Small world


Large construction

Den building

physical (balls/tunnels etc)



There isn't yet but I'm planning there will also be a markmaking box and a 'maths' box in there too.



Creative - which tends to get further sorted in to painting/craft etc.




small world


Then a cupboard which has all the games and jigsaws in (anything which has a box!). In theory there is one shelf for PSRN related things, 1 for CLL and 1 for general stuff - it doesn't stay that way though as I try to encourage the children to put away the games and they put them on whichever shelf they can reach - we get used to looking!


I think there's probably too much cross over between the areas of learning and unless you spend ages colour coding/labelling things you will find it hard to remember which area you first put things in.


I'd second the stackable, lidded boxes thing - makes such a difference to helping it look neat (even when you know the contents tell a different story!)

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If you are on the committee does this mean you do not work on the shop floor so to speak? Even if you do, how about consulting with the rest of the team being the main or other users of the equipment. More inportantly children should be able to access a proportion of play equipment themselves without coming to harm. Have you tried taking a leaf out of the mosaic approach and consult with the children who are the main users. Get them involved and get a childs perspective particularly as Welfare requirements highlight the need for child involvement and self selection/service of toys and eqipment etc.,


I agree with the others that 6 areas of learning is not an effective way to classify things as they are interdependent on each other and do cross over immensley as one does not operate as an individual. Perhaps talking to some experienced level 3's and above will shed light on how best to operate. (Sorry am not saying you are not qualified but coming from a team perspective as you need them on board).


Good luck

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