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Fair Play for Children article




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I'm not quite sure what good it will actually do, but I've had this sent to me for our input


oh - and ignore the silly "You have 3 messages waiting for you" if it flashes up - silly thing!


edit to say, the article makes quite interesting reading though

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The article agrees with what I was saying in a post the other day about safeguarding - which is not surprising because our training was based on the research evidence quoted by the article. I have always been slightly unnerved by the scaling back of the vetting and barring system. I'm all for common sense approaches, but I really do believe that once convicted people who offend against children should have as many obstacles placed in front of them to prevent them accessing children. I'm shocked that even three people have voted to say that offenders should not be placed on any kind of register at all.


And I'm sorry to have to disagree with the Children's Laureate - famous authors, actors and other society luminaries should be bound by the same safeguarding regulations as we mere mortals. If you visit a setting regularly enough so that you can build trusting relationships with children and young people then you need to submit to full CRB checks.


Anyway I've voted, thank you Cait for posting this.

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