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Well had school club AGM last night. Still the same committee but a few changes round. Chair has stepped down and I have taken over (she can now sigh with relief that it will be myself for suitable person interview!!).

Old chair and myself done alot over last year so she said at agm that we should consider giving each member a responsibility area. Sounds good to me..that way the load is spread around a bit more. Does any other committee do this? Any ideas about areas?



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we did for a while when we had enough members...


cannot remember what they were but know one was fund-raising, another person did the admissions.. someone helped treasurer, cannot remember what else as it failed quite quickly.. ended up chasing them to do the jobs and nothing ever seemed to get done.. took longer chasing others than it did to do the job myself!

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Thats my fear Inge.

We have a committee now but I still havent given them any roles. Partly because I only just sent off the CRBs and partly because I'm so used to doing things its easier than having to expalin and follow up and support.

When I get round to it there will be the jobs for the secretary, writing up chnages to contratc, notes to parents, making sure details with charity commission are up to date.

Treasurer will take pver the invoices and fee's and hopefully waiting list and the pothers will sort fundraising, deal with church hall committee regarding our rent, issues about the building.

Theres so much to do I dont really know where to start!

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