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Hi, can you help me?

I had some frogspawn from a friends pond and we've got it in the classroom. They have now turned into very active (and a lot of) tadpoles.


Ive got some questions....


1) should it be outside?

2) what should i give them? do they need weed?

3) how many should i keep at school if we are wanting them to turn into frogs when the fish bowl is not huge?

4) what should i do with them over this long holiday?

5) are we going to miss a lot of development over this holiday?


Any other advice gratefully recieved! :o




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Mine are going back in the pond over the holiday where they'll be happiest. It's getting far too warm for them indoors now anyway. I'll take a few back down, perhaps half a dozen, and keep them in a shady spot in the garden where they can develop more slowly and healthily. As they get legs they need to be able to get out of the water so a stone with its top out of the water is essential.


And yes, unfortunately you'll miss a lot of development. I intend to try to catch a few in a jar every couple of days and photograph them and put the pix on either our facebook page or the website, so children can still see the process

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Hi Lu cie, please please find a cool place for your taddies, if kept too warm they develop too quickly and you get all sorts of abnormalities.


The liked cooked lettuce, but Ive also given them fry fish food.


They must be returned to the original pond.


Someone will need to take them home in the holiday


I would only keep a few.


You shouldn't miss too much development, other than size. wouldnt be expecting legs just yet.

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brilliant thank you.


ill bring them home then and put most back into their pond, then take some back,put the tank outside with a stone in and watch and wait....whilst feeding appropriately.


I'm very excited, as you can tell this is all very new and exciting(the children are loving it too :o )!


Lucie x

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Hi, our manager usually brings in tadpoles from her pond and we always lost a lot and didn't know why. Apparently when they develop legs they become carnivorous and if they don't have access to meat they will eat each other :o .

This link has really useful information




Apparently, Tetra blood worms from the fish food section of pet shop are a good food for tadpoles. We haven't tried any of this yet but we will be doing and it explains where we have been going wrong! Also, we kept them indoors which is a big no-no ! Good job we are better at childcare than tadpole care!

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I was just coming on here to post asking for tadpole help! I've just bought home our tadpoles from school for the holidays, but their water is looking very dirty - does anybody know the best way to go about changing it?!

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Hi mrs weasley.


You should only change a maximum of 25% of the water at a time, so if you can clean it even better. if you have fish at all, then a standard tank filter or hoover should get most of the stuff away.Otherwise you can filter some of the water through a muslin or fine weave cloth.


If you have rainwater, use this, if you have to use tap water, leave it to rest and in the same cool place as the teddies so that the water gets to the same temperature.


If you really really have to change most of the water, do this over a few days, a quarter a a time. But also remember that tadpoles in the wild dont have someone around to clean their water and they still survive. I dont feed may tadpoles in my pond, not do I change the water, dont clean it that often either!

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