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Hi all,


I read with interest many of the issues raised on this forum, and have had a problem or two solved, so here I am with a question, that probably has no definitive answer. So...


Child A has a problem about knowing when they need the toilet, a wee and pooh, parents are convinced there is a medical issue, hospital say not. However I have to clean my carpets two to three times a week, and clean chairs, mats etc.


So really what I am asking is there an age or an amount of wees etc on the carpet that is acceptable? The child doen't seem to care about it, and the other children have said things like 'theres a wet patch, oh thats child A.'


Thank you

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Well, clearly something is not going right. Either the child is not physically ready, in which case they need to be back in nappies until they are ready. Or, the child is ready but power struggling, in which case I guess a plan needs to be in place to knock it on the head.


Occasional wetting/ soiling is one thing, but if the children is wetting/soiling more often than doing it on the toilet, there is an issue and that needs to be addressed.

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thanks for your replies, I have been thinking about this throughout the night, and am getting quite concerned for the child.


I have asked mum to come in to get a care plan together and she seems reluctant, not sure why, but we will have to address that issue too.


finleysmaid, Yes the hospital have run tests, with no physical issues, but have read about the two things you suggest and they look a possibility, thank you.


lolo, yes she uses the carpet more than the toilet. However she is a lovely little girl and very bright.


Panders, thanks the website looks fab and one article in particular looks just the job. I will investigate later today.


Thanks all, just need to support them all as best we can,

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Ahh. Interesting that you say 'she is a lovely little girl and very bright'. A few months ago a four-year-old in my care, similarly lovely and bright, was wetting willy-nilly. At nursery, at home, and a few times at mine. Lasted a few months and then was all over. She gave lots of different excuses when asked (I made the call that she was mature enough to talk about the subject). She had kidney scans as had infections some time before which turned up some minor damage but not sure if that was connected. This child has always drunk very little too.


Anyway, all back on track now, so maybe your child will get over it soon too.


Do you think it could be nice, bright little girl syndrome? Or just my mind making too much of unconnected co-incidences?



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Guest Spiral



we've a bright (very bright), nice and popular little girl who just wets when she wants too! She's so clever at everything else that we can't work out why she doesn't recognise the signs other than she's so engrossed that she can't tear herself away!


I'll have a look at the Eric site too - as there are other probs with another child who wants to keep his poo as a sort of possession - it's mine he said to me last time I changed him! Now that's a new one I haven't come accross before!



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