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Im looking for a bit of advice please.


A member of staff came into work today and smelt very strongly of alcohol. Can you advise how you would deal with this.


I had a quick chat with her as it was busy- she said it was last night and she only had a couple! I sent her home and intend on having a chat with her tomorrow-


Do you consider this to be a warning?


Any advice please x

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Gosh, I'm glad this hasn't happened to me I would have had to get cover before sending someone home as we wouldn't have been in ratio!


As regards a warning, was it a first time offence, was she drunk (could it be due to an illness?) What does your disciplinary policy say?



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Lying about or hiding drinking is one of the tell-tale signs of an alcoholic. Although it may be that you are smelling something to do with an underlying illness (diabetes or fat metabolism?). If it is alcohol the care of the children may be in question so you have to act.


Document what you have observed and make sure your staff member accepts a written warning (or a verbal if you really aren't confident of what you have observed). Write it down in case you have to refer to it in the future.


You have to deal with this - your job, your responsibility. If it happens again and you have to take further action, it may be the wake-up to turn their life around. They may get help for their alcohol or medical problem. You'd be doing them a favour in the long run


Very best of luck



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