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Just wanted to let everyone know this is worth registering with xD. It may be a little late to do this for this time as you have to get parents support by end of april but i'm sure it starts again after april (worth investigating)

Its simple to do, you just register your preschool or nursery then parents register support when you get 70% support you get your free sports equipment if you reach 100% support you can choose extra free equipment.

we have limited space so i did worry about storage, but it is small equipment, we got small balls-some sqidgy, a small parachute, dance ribbons + other throwing and catching gloves (the ones with velcro) with balls + more and it came with its own storage bag.

we got 100% support so choose some space hoppers(cant wait to use those!! :o )

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Yes a great idea and some kind person on here recommended it so a big thank you. :o

Our equipment came last week including the 100% bonus gift of a goal for the outdoor area. The children were very excited when the big box arrived last Thursday. They all helped me open it to explore all the great goodies inside.

Definetly worth doing as all friends and family can support you too.

Check it out for next time.

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Our equipment arrived this week and it's fab. We got a parachute play resource sack with various balls, bean bags etc all in a bag, we also got a massive wheeled trunk with loads in including a parachute, hoops, cones, various sized balls, blow up things, streamers - so much we haven't actually managed to open it all yet lol.


The children made a huge double decker bus out of the box today too! :o

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We have just achieved our 100% today, really excited and can not wait to recieve our free outdoor play equipment.


Well done early years foundation forum for bringing this great opportunity to our attention.

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