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Monday to Thursday myself and my husband cm for a family of 3. The oldest one is 7. Every now and again she does things that shows us that she isn't really happy in our setting. We have her and her younger sister before school. Their brother stays with us until lunch.


Last week she got in a strop because I wouldn't let her pick out a picture to colour in for the next day. She said she wished it was Friday cos then she wouldn't be at our setting. (as it happened she was here as mum wanted a emergency cover that day) Today she looked around at the things on our walls ie alphabet poster, counting poster, colours etc. and said can do that that that that theres nothing for me. Even though there is a great big times table grid in front of her.(mum said later that she doesn't know all her times tables) I ignored it as she tends to consintrate on herself if you let her.


We don't have a great deal of resources for this age bracket as we are only 6 months old and we need to focus on those that are with us longer and those in the EYFS.


Most of the time she is ok but it is a case of when the next comment is going to come out. She is quite mature for her age. Have given her colouring in that she enjoys but most of the hour she is with us is taken up with breakfast, brush teeth and wash hands and face.


She will tend to try to take what her brother or sister is playing with or say to her sister (5) what games she should play with her. Even when her sister is happy playing or doing her own thing.


No point to this post really. Only to rant... rant over normal service will persume lol.

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You rant away honey, sometimes we just need to air our frustrations and what better place to share them in.

Does your 7 year old have any real interests that you are able to tap into.

Is she creative as in art/craft.

Does she like to cook, if so could she help prepare tea, make cakes etc.

Have you tried asking her about the type of things she may enjoy doing whilst she's with you.

Could you help her devise some games as in matching, snap or board games, often charity shops sell them very cheaply to build up on your resources for her age range.

Not sure any of these suggestions are of any use but don't take it personally.

kind regards. :o

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Think I may ask her what she wants to do while she is here. The problem is that she is only with us before school and doesn't have much time to do things. I thought she might like a jigsaw that is more of a challenge for her. Putting it in a folder so she can continue doing it and it not be spoilt by the younger ones. Had thought about getting her to make a bag or something with a simple sewing kit. I know mine liked doing that when they were that age. But she does have a tendancy to love doing something one day and then not wanting to continue with it the next day. I'll see what I can resource that isn't too expensive print out the ideas and let the older ones choose. See where that takes me. if anywhere lol.

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Sorry i obviously didn't read your post correctly and so some of my suggestions are out of the question.

Does she appear tired when she gets to you, is she upset that she has to come to you in the mornings, and shows this by appearing stroppy.

Her reactions maybe due in some part as to whats gone on before she arrives at yours, and can set the scene for the day.

I would still ask her about the things she likes to do at home, school or at the weekend.

A game, some nice books, or is she able to bring something she enjoys from home. Just some more thoughts.

Have a good day. :o

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could she help you with some of the tasks for the younger ones...perhaps give her some special responsibilities. Look at it from her point of view...she would probably rather be at home rather than being 'sent' to the childminders whenever mum chooses (she has no choice in this!) children of this age take longer to form bonds can you try to get some 1 on 1 time with her to firm up the relationship?

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