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Transition From Childminder To Reception Class


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Hi, I've been asked to find out about how transition works when a child is going from a child minder directly into reception, without any nursery or preschool time.


Firstly, the practicalities of it, e.g. do you fill out a similar LEA transition booklet? how do you pass info onto reception teacher?


And also the whole smooth transition thing, e.g. in our preschool we have the local reception class to visit and they do a little show for us and the children meet their new teacher, do you have anythimg similar that you do? Also we did a little booklet for the children to take on their school visits in the summer term, where they did pictures of their new classroom, and we put photos of what their new class was like, etc. Again, would you do something like that for your child minded children?

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I am sure this will vary from La to LA, and our childminding members here will come along and describe what they do.


Our accredited childminders, who are the ones who will receive EYE, should be doing the same sorts of things a group setting might. They will complete transition information and make links with the school etc. Obviously how well this is done will vary from person to person in the same way that it would vary greatly from setting to setting too.


My advice would be for the parent to speak to the childminder themselves if they have some concerns.

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