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Gun And Weapon Play Questionnaire


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I'm in my 2nd year of the degree and I need to undertake an study titled

"An investigation in to the suitability of gun and weopn play in an early years setting"


I have been given to go ahead to send questionnaires to parents and teachers in reception at the local primary school, to child minders, my staff and also the local children's centre but I'm really struggling coming up with the questions! I want 5 strong questions to ask the parents and the same for professionals, I'm okayish with the professional questions but I'm struggling to get questions for the parents which won't just give a yes/no answer.


Does anyone have any ideas please?


The professional questions I've come up with are


1)What is your policy when children use war/weapon play?


2)Have you noticed any benefits to allowing gun/weapon play?


3)Have you noticed any negative impact when gun/weapon play is taking place?


4)Would you support a zero tollerance policy on gun/weapon play? (Please give reasons)


5)not sure on question 5 yet lol

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How about asking for practitioners' personal feelings about gun play? Or whether it is more suitable for certain age groups or kinds of settings?


You could ask parents whether they played with guns when they were children, whether they allow/encourage their own children to play with guns at home, whether they feel their children should be allowed to play with guns at pre-school. They are pretty much all yes/no questions, but you could ask them to qualify their answers by some kind of explanation/discussion of their viewpoint.


Good luck - sounds very interesting!

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If its banned I'd ask to know what research they used to support the decision. I've worked in settings where gun play isnt allowed but no-one could tell me why. It seemed to be an individual manager decision which the staff went along with. I once tried to find anything that would support a ban, but only found a study from America which suggested banning was wrong and led to children growing up with more likelyhood of aggression.

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What I find really interesting is that people are generally okay with old or fictional weapons, i.e. swords for knights or light sabres for star wars. So, maybe something about why people have different feelings on guns, etc? Also maybe something about whether the geographical area links to opinions, e.g. practitioners in an urban environment with lots of crime might be more sensitive to this than those of us in rural areas, where the sound of a 'gun' means clay pigeon shooting!

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