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Safety And Hygiene With Parents


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Hi have you got a particular reason for this, risk assessments, policies or is this general housekeeping tips etc. :o

I am writing an assignment as part of DPP level 3 and I wanted to make sure I had covered everything.

The question was how do you communicate with children,other adults in the setting and parents about safety and hygiene.



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If we see 'runny noses' on arrival we always point out "There's loads of tissues, here you are - and there's some antibac squirty stuff for your hands - here' as we pass tissues and squirt their hands with a 'can't be too careful' type of smile!


We have posters up and we remind parents regularly about keeping poorly children at home.


We tell children not to play near doorways or sit and take shoes off just by the door etc


And the usual handwashing things after playing outside and before eating, that sort of thing

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The only other thing I can think of is that the adults role model healthy and safe practice for children to follow.


Good luck with your studies. :o



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Hi Liz4,


There have already been many ways to communicate mentioned above - to get you started with your bullet points just collect those together.


Additional to what has been mentioned I would also add setting policies and induction procedures for staff and regular helpers.


Good luck with your assignment.

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Displays on safety in the home

Giving out leaflets in Safety week


Discussion with children when cooking especially when using knives etc - also when using other tools

Visual timetable on wall by toilets reminding that washing hands are part of the process

'Now wash your hands' notices in adult loos

Using one of those lights that show germs on hands (can't think what they are called)


Is this the sort of thing?

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