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hi, I am after some advice regarding childminding part time. I manage an after school club so work afternoons from 2pm. But am looking for some additional work and am thinking of doing childminding, mornings only, with a view to doing childminding full time eventually.


Just wondering if anyone childminds part time and whether its harder to get children if you can only offer specific hours?





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It's a bit of a lottery.


If you're only offering mornings you will only be catering for stay at home mums and I guess there are fewer of those around at the moment.


It just depends on whether the right parents happen to be in your area at the right time. I was worried that I would struggle when started the FD because I was only available four days a week but luckily the next two families who came to my door both wanted the same three days so it worked out perfectly.


It may be worth phoning your local Early Years service (if you still have one!) and asking what call there is for childminding provision in your area. That could give you an idea of how many other chilminders you'd have to compete with.

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I think it's a very sensible idea to start off part-time childminding before burning your bridges and giving up any other employment.


I started off with just weekends and my first child was for 15 minutes on a Sunday in between warring parents dropping him off and collecting him.


If you could offer mornings plus lunch before your after school job you might attract student or self employed parents who specifically value pay as you go hours of care so that they can fit their own work in around the hours of care available to them. For example I care for childrn whose parents are PhD students, self employed gardeners, accountants, architects and night shift workers who want to sleep in the mornings.


No reason why it couldn't work well for lots of parents - think positive and offer a fabulous, unique service!

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I work part time and have a thriving little business, but its not the same hours you want to do. I work three full days and breakfast and tea the other two.


I get a lot of business for after morning nursery session and maybe you could look into extending your after school work, to be after nursery which would leave your mornings free. Or maybe you have afternoon nursery sessions in your school which could work well.


For me, the little ones are my bread and butter and after school is very nice money for jam.


Best of luck



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